Maestro is modeling and intelligent automation software for design, validation and delivery of modern software based networks. Maestro brings a DevOps approach to the process of building complex networks. Maestro treats all elements of a complex service design as code – network functions, hardware models, applications – everything. But Maestro abstracts the coding complexity from the user, acting as a higher level design system, so difficult projects can be tackled with ease. It uses automation to simplify complex processes so people can get work done faster, and provides automatic validation to avoid human error.

  • Models each element in your network design and how it interacts with everything else
  • Rapidly validates network service designs to ensure they will work
  • Can model, size and cost the server hardware requirements for your design
  • Integrations and REST APIs to connect with existing systems and orchestration software
  • Maestro is used in production environments for creation of NFV network services and full stack software defined data centers